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Mobile Apps Development

  • iOS Development

    iOS Development

    30+ projects are done.
    We build apps for iPhone, iPad, iWatch, AppleTV, MacOS.

  • Android Development

    Android Development

    40+ projects are done.
    We build apps for all available Android devices.

UI/UX design services

40+ UI/UX solutions for mobile apps and web services have been designed by us.

100% of all successful mobile apps and websites have pixel-perfect User Interface and thoughtful User Experience.
We always bring the best of two worlds - design and software development in our products to all our customers.
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Blockchain Solutions

  • Smart Contracts Development

    Smart Contracts Development

    Public and private blockchain systems development on Ethereum technology stack.

  • FinTech Software Development

    FinTech Software Development

    We use Hyperledger blockchain family to build FinTech and Supply Chain software.

  • Private Blockchain Solutions

    Private Blockchain Solutions

    Private blockchain solutions based on J.P.Morgan's Quorum and Solidity smart contracts.

10% OFF on prototype or MVP development

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Discounts for Software Prototypes
and MVP Development

  • System Architecture Development

    System Architecture Development

    We will help you with the correct selection of technologies and prepare technical architectural documentation of your future product.

  • Prototypes and MVP

    Prototypes and MVP

    We have special offers for everyone who is willing to create prototype or MVP. We will implement your bright ideas.

  • Enterprise-grade MVP Solutions

    Enterprise-grade MVP Solutions

    You will be ready to meet investors and show them enterprise-grade prototype or MVP.

Streaming & Distributed Systems Development

11+ years in distributed and streaming systems development.
We use Kafka and Vert.x technology stack to build distributed systems on microservice architecture.
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Enterprise Software Development

  • Java Technology Stack

    Java Technology Stack

    Our JVM stack contains battle-tested enterprise technologies for software development. Java, Spring Boot, Vert.x frameworks.

  • Kafka Streams Solutions

    Kafka Streams Solutions

    We build high-load streaming systems on Kafka and Kafka Streams.

  • Erlang & Elixir Systmes

    Erlang & Elixir Systems

    To provide the best user experience and high availability, we use technologies that work 24/7 in telecommunication solutions.

Technologies We Use

  • vert.x enterprise pharos production bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • java development bigdata enterprise systems pharos production scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • spring enterprise pharos production bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • kafka highload bigdata development pharos production
    Enterprise & BigData
  • phoenix elixir development pharos production
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • erlang development pharos production
    Erlang & OTP
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • quorum blockchain development pharos production
    J.P.Morgan's Quorum
    Blockchain Solutions
  • ethereum solidity development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • solidity ethereum quorum development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • hyperledger development blockchain pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • react js native development pharos production
    Front End Development
  • swift ios development pharos production
    iOS & Swift
    Mobile Development
  • kotlin android development pharos production
    Android & Kotlin
    Mobile Development
  • docker devops pharos production
  • kubernets-devops-pharos-production
  • aws cloud computing pharos production
    Amazon Web Services
    Cloud Architecture

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