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FinTech Systems Development
30+ finished software systems and mobile apps.
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Pharos Production
Blockchain Software Development
6 years on the market of software development.
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Pharos Production
Distributed Systems Development
2 system architects, 10 senior developers, 6 middle developers in a team.
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Discounts for Software Prototypes
and MVP Development

  • System Architecture Development

    System Architecture Development

    We will help you with the correct selection of technologies and prepare technical architectural documentation of your future product.

  • Prototypes and MVP

    Prototypes and MVP

    We have special offers for everyone who is willing to create prototype or MVP. We will implement your bright ideas.

  • Enterprise-grade MVP Solutions

    Enterprise-grade MVP Solutions

    You will be ready to meet investors and show them enterprise-grade prototype or MVP.

10% OFF on prototype or MVP development

More than 90% of projects are ready to show their brand new ideas to the world but struggle from the lack of investments.
That can be a Blockchain startup, or FinTech system, or mobile app for travelers. All they need is just a working prototype to show to future investors.
To make your life easier, we will help you to create a new shiny prototype or MVP with all required software architecture documentation.
We will do our best to make your project go live within a tight budget. And we have special offers for startups.
Do your first steps into the big world of software solutions with us.
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Enterprise Software Development

  • Java Technology Stack

    Java Technology Stack

    Our JVM stack contains battle-tested enterprise technologies for software development. Java, Scala, Spring, Hibernate, Vert.X, Play2 frameworks.

  • Enterprise-Grade Distributed Messaging Systems

    Enterprise-Grade Distributed Messaging Systems

    We use Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Apache Cassandra to provide high-availability and data consistency in our products.

  • Erlang & Elixir Distributed Robust Systems Development

    Erlang & Elixir Distributed Robust Systems Development

    To provide the best user experience and high availability, we use technologies that work 24/7 in telecommunication solutions.

Enterprise Technologies, Distributed Systems

World-class enterprise software development.
To provide high availability and data consistency, we use battle-tested technologies like Java and Spring, Scala and Play2 and Elixir and Phoenix.
Our message delivery systems are done using enterprise graded technologies - Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Apache Cassandra.
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Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

  • Scalable and Fast Private Blockchain

    Scalable and Fast Private Blockchain

    Private Blockchain systems can work in real-time. We create scalable decentralized enterprise-grade B2B software.

  • Enterprise Software and BigData in FinTech

    Enterprise Software and BigData in FinTech

    We have selected battle-tested and proved by a time technologies from enterprise software development to create robust and scalable FinTech systems.

  • FinTech Systems and Distributed Blockchain

    FinTech Systems and Distributed Blockchain

    Blockchain systems in conjunction with BigData technologies like Kafka or Pulsar is a key to high availability and data consistency.

Blockchain Technologies In Enterprise Systems

FinTech and Enterprise software development using battle-tested technologies.
We use the best available technology frameworks like Apache Kafka, Pulsar, Spark, Flink, Java, and Scala frameworks.
We select battle-tested solutions to build robust highly-available BigData systems.
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What makes us different

  • Blockchain Decentralized Solutions

    Blockchain Decentralized Solutions

    We use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to build private, semi-private, and public Blockchain-based solutions.

  • FinTech Systems

    FinTech Systems

    Our knowledge both in Enterprise and System Architectures results in the creation of heavy loaded distributed systems.

  • High-Load Distributed Services

    High-Load Distributed Services

    Our developers have solid theoretical background utilized for the development of big data distributed systems under high-load.

Gambit Stream. eGames & eSports software development

Gambit Stream - our sister company.
eGames, eSports for all. Gambling and Betting solutions. Cross-platform Unity games development.
Play with us!
Bet with Gambit

Gambit Stream

  • Gambit Stream betting and gambling solutions. Cross-platform Unity games.

    eSports & eGames software.
    Cross-platform Unity games.

    12 eGames solutions and Betting Systems. Gambit Stream is a leader in the gambling and betting apps development!

High availability and security

We utilize best practices in security and bleeding-edge technologies
to provide you with high availability web services
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Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    We use top-rate software frameworks, theory and techniques for data analysis, create a custom machine learning model and develop an enterprise-grade software solution.

  • Stream Data Processing

    Stream Data Processing

    Our engineers use Tensorflow, PyTorch, Apache Spark, and Apache Flink to create analytics streaming tools for enterprise systems. We combine BigData best practices, Machine Learning theory and our experience to build the best solutions for every client.

  • Enterprise Solutions and Data Analysis

    BigData and Analysis

    We do our best to provide every client with the best solutions on new and battle-tested technologies, utilizing best practices of Artificial Intelligence theory and applying it on enterprise-grade software solutions for the creation of Machine Learning and Robotics systems.

Data Science and Computer Vision.

Our team makes researches in the field of Computer Vision and Fuzzy Logic systems.
Based on our cooperation with the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnical Institue) and Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IASA), we develop a new type of Computer Vision techniques using Fuzzy Systems theory and making them tightly coupled with the OpenCV framework - cutting-edge and enterprise-grade open-source software for machine learning and robotics systems.
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Mobile Apps Development

  • iOS Apps Development

    iOS Apps Development

    We have many years of successful experience in mobile apps development. More than 30 apps have been released for the iOS platform.

  • Fuchsia & Flutter Mobile Apps

    Fuchsia & Flutter Mobile Apps

    Flutter is a new cross-platform framework from Google. The single framework for Google Fuchsia, iOS and Android apps development.

  • Android Apps Development

    Android Apps Development

    More than 20 Android apps have been created by us and successfully launched in Play Market. We offer a full Android apps development cycle.

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

We offer to create native iOS, Fuchsia and Android apps, also we offer cross-platform mobile apps development.
Top cross-platform frameworks, React Native and Flutter, are available in our stack for mobile apps development
Our goal to achieve the best user experience in enterprise software development including mobile solutions and cross-platform mobile apps for all available devices - iOS, Android and Fuchsia mobile apps development.
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Technologies We Use

  • phoenix elixir development pharos production
    Elixir & Phoenix
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • erlang development pharos production
    Erlang & OTP
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • scala high load pharos production
    Scala, Play2, Akka
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • java development bigdata enterprise systems pharos production scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • spring enterprise pharos production bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • hibernate enterprise pharos production bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • vert.x enterprise pharos production bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • kafka highload bigdata development pharos production
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache spark pharos production enterprise software development
    Apache Spark
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache flink pharos production enterprise software development
    Apache Flink
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache pulsar pharos production enterprise software development
    Apache Pulsar
    Enterprise & BigData
  • quorum blockchain development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • ethereum solidity development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • solidity ethereum quorum development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • hyperledger development blockchain pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • tendermint blockchain development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • iota java development pharos production
    Blockchain Solutions
  • react js native development pharos production
    React & React Native
    Front End Development
  • flutter fuchsia mobile apps software development enterprise applications pharos production
    Flutter & Fuchsia
    Mobile Development
  • swift ios development pharos production
    iOS & Swift
    Mobile Development
  • kotlin android development pharos production
    Android & Kotlin
    Mobile Development
  • docker devops pharos production
  • kubernets-devops-pharos-production
  • ansible devops pharos production
  • aws cloud computing pharos production
    Amazon Web Services
    Cloud Architecture
  • azure devops pharos production
    Microsoft Azure Cloud
    Cloud Architecture
  • tensorflow deep learning machine ai robotics pharos production
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • pytorch machine learning robotics ai pharos production
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • keras deep learning ai robotics pharos production
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • riak bigdata distributed systems pharos production
    Enterprise & BigData
  • postgresql database development pharos production
    Enterprise & BigData

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